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Nyaradzo is a dynamic organisation led by an experienced and energetic management team whose collective passion is service. We are here to serve and have been doing so for over a decade. We strongly believe that the provision of service is easier done when the tools of trade are under one roof. This is why over the years we have endeavoured to create a one-stop shop. We help our customers plan for the inevitable through our life assurance division. Through Nyaradzo Life Assurance, clients can effect funeral policies that are in keeping with their preferences and pocket size. On a day they draw their last breath, we will be there to give them a decent send-off through our services arm, Nyaradzo Funeral Services. In Calundike Exports, we have a supplier of quality coffins and caskets. By having a manufacturer of coffins and caskets in-house, we are able to control both the quality and the price of our products and keep our promise to our customers. Eureka, our Insurance Broking arm completes the group's one-stop shop concept.



Welcome to Nyaradzo Life Assurance
Funding the unpredictable
SINCE time immemorial, human beings have failed to escape ill-health, old age and death. Whether they live the most splendid or squalid lifestyles, one or all of these, are known to afflict human beings at some point.
In terms of ill-heath, it is the natural instinct for man to look for help to live another day. Old age is unavoidable while death is the ultimate.
The material world requires that resources be available in times of ill-health, old age and burial in the case of death. It is the funding of these unpredictable events that generally pose serious challenges to human beings. Their unpredictable nature will always be difficult to plan for.
Where a breadwinner is involved, people have often resorted to spending the minimal savings that would have accrued, leaving families exposed to destitution.
Traditionally, whimsical events such as death have helped bring families together. The extended family would come together and make contributions towards the burial.
Fortunately today's economies have in place, proper planning for these events. Insurance and assurance are the modern day wonders that families can turn to in times of need. Faced with early retirement due to ill-health, medical insurance comes in. When death happens a funeral policy covers the expenses.
Different plans have been developed to suit individuals, families and company requirements from the lowest levels. They act as buffers to provide soft landing in otherwise very difficult circumstances.

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Six Pack Scheme: Six Adults,
children under 23 years are
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Nyaradzo Funeral Assurance Homepage _r4_c4.jpgFor many years, men and women have grapled with the acceptance of  their falibility. Infact, there is no one thing that  scares them more than death, that of a loved one or  their own. They have sought to understand the question, why do we die?


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