Group Policies

‘There is power in numbers.’

True to that saying, a Group Policy covers a large number of people at the same time thereby providing funeral benefits to many people at affordable premium rates. Groups include employees of companies, burial societies and other similar organizations and associations. Some corporate organizations contribute to this as an additional benefit for their employees.

Why Group Policy?

  • No age limit
  • Evidence of good health is not required
  • Immediate cover for Principal Member, spouse, children, parents and in-laws
  • Optional benefits such as international cover and accidental death benefit
  • Lower premium rates compared to individual policy rates
  • Flexibility to craft benefits unique to the group.

Policy Benefits

In addition to the general policy benefits the following options are available:

  • International Cover: repatriation services to Zimbabweans in the event of death occurring outside the country.
  • Waiver of Premium: continuation of cover for beneficiaries after the death of a bread winner i.e. surviving spouse and children below the age of 23.
  • Grocery Allowance: cash pay-out of ZWL$400 (unless negotiated) at breadwinners’ or covered dependents’ funeral.
  • Accident Death Benefit: cash pay-out of ZWL$2,000.00 on death resulting from an accident subject to a maximum pay-out of ZWL$6,000.00 per incident.

Policy Conditions

  • Premiums are reviewed in line with cost of service provision.
  • Policy terms and conditions are reviewed annually.
  • Other dependents including parents and in-laws may be covered on the same policy at an additional premium of 60% of the family premium subject to waiting periods that apply at the time (currently three calendar months).
  • Cover may be converted into an individual policy and the terms, conditions and premiums applicable at conversion shall be those applicable to the preferred individual policy plan at that time.