Policy Claims

Claims Procedure

In the event of death of a policy beneficiary, contact Nyaradzo Life Assurance Company within 48 hours of death and within 72 hours of death occurring outside Zimbabwe. The following are required for processing the claim:-

  • Identity document of deceased or birth certificate where beneficiary is a child
  • Membership card or Policy Number
  • Notice of death or burial order (Nyaradzo may assist in obtaining the burial order where all relevant documents have been provided).

Repatriation and Expatriation

For repatriation/expatriation the following documents are required:-

  1. Repatriation Clearance Certificate
  2. Death Certificate
  3. Embalming Certificate
  4. Infectious/non-infectious Certificate
  5. Coroner Certificate
  6. Permit to repatriate or expatriate
  7. A post-mortem report is a statutory requirement in cases of sudden death
  8. A non-hazardous/inflammable goods declaration affidavit by the exporting undertaker
  9. Passport of the deceased

Cash in Lieu of Services

Cash in lieu of services will be paid where Nyaradzo Life Assurance Company does not provide funeral services. The cash in lieu of services is calculated as a percentage of the sum assured as stated in the policy document.

Claims Form

Claim Details