CEO's Message

Nyaradzo CEO - Philip MataranyikaGroup Chief Executive Officer Philip Mataranyika
Even verbal contracts must be honoured.
A couple of years ago I met my late friend Paul Chingoka at the funeral of a mutual friend I was undertaking. He asked me why I was taking the trouble to be the undertaker driver when our many hearse drivers could have done it. I said because he had requested that in the event that he predeceases me, I must wash and dress him and also be the undertaker/hearse driver, I was following through on our verbal contract.
Big as Paul was, he literally looked down at me and said, young man, will you do the same for me should I predecease you, I looked up at him and I said, big man, I will and we had a deal. A couple of weeks ago when I heard the news that Paul the able tennis administrator, a giant in both stature and skill had breathed his last I knew I had work to do and I did as we had agreed.
Like the rest of the tennis loving people of Zimbabwe and those who love sport in general, as well as the Chingoka family and friends, I was sad to learn about his passing. I am happy however that I was able to respect our verbal contract.
When I was the undertaker/driver at another funeral recently, I met my good friend Edwin 'Unendoro' Chidzonga who requested that I be his undertaker/driver should he predecease me and I agreed. A good number of my friends including Tariro Chikumbirike have asked me that I wash and dress them and be their undertaker/hearse driver in the event they predecease me, I would like to assure them that I intend to keep my verbal contract with them.
May Paul's dear soul and those of our loved ones we have lost rest in eternal peace.