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Giving decency to humanity
As long as we breathe, walk and talk we can make a choice as to the clothes we wear, which places to go and what food to eat. We are even called by our names; Peter, John, Maria or Martha.
When we stop breathing, we are not able to make these choices. Someone else has to do it for us. At that point we assume a different title like: corpse, cadaver, the deceased or the remains of.
The period between death and burial is a very important part of separation of the dead from the living. It gives the last image family and friends will have of you when you are departed so it has to be just right.
The responsibility to present your lasting image lies firmly and squarely with us and our colleagues in the funeral services industry.  “Our mission is to give decency to humanity in their times of helplessness”.
We move you from point to point when you are motionless; we bathe and clothe thee when thou no longer knows the meaning or value of bathing and dressing.
We provide thee with a house to sleep in when thou have become an unwelcome guest in thou's own house. Indeed, we do give decency to humanity, don’t we?
Properly done, this moment can leave family and friends with images of serenity and restfulness of their dear departed.

From the MD - Services

Nyaradzo Funeral Services is there to give personalized quality service characterised by on time delivery and to render cost effective funeral service country wide on a 24 hour basis.
Customer Care is a theme that runs through everything we do at Nyaradzo Funeral Services; it is at the heart of what we do. A service cannot be seen or touched; it can only be experienced; so we are there to provide the personal touch that makes you the customer comfortable and comforted. 


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