CEO's Message

Nyaradzo CEO - Philip MataranyikaGroup Chief Executive Officer
Philip Mataranyika

Ours has been and will continue to be an attempt at catalysing the convergence of life and death events as two sides of the same coin both of which must be celebrated which is why we are into funerals, event management, houseboats, leisure, hotels even, transport and logistics, insurance and others still to unfold.

This thrust will allow us to understand our customers and serve them better. Repeated interaction or exposure with our customers will help bring us close as we will be familiar with their needs. We move away from transactional to relationship contact. Also, dealing with customers in situations of bereavement limits their choices.

Our view is that, some of the reasons why most people didn't want to associate with death is because it was considered morbid and gorry with dirty and ugly funeral parlours. Over the years, Nyaradzo has invested in state of the art funeral parlours that we call service centres.

In the many places we have opened branches, Nyaradzo offices compete favourably with the best buildings in the town. This was and will continue to be in line with our beauty and the beast concept.

If death is a beast that we are all scared to face, our thinking is that, we can face and tame the beast of death better if we surround it with beauty. In line with that concept, Nyaradzo has invested heavily in making our service centres look good, pretty even.

We are happy that our customers are coping with the beast of death better in comfortable surroundings that make death less fearful and final than it really is.

We all look for good memories to take even in the most unacceptable and difficult of situations.

Another reason is that, in the past death was denied and we always looked for a reason even when the person who died was more than a hundred years old, why? Because death exposed our poverty. It usually comes when we are least prepared for it.

With the coming on board of Nyaradzo, the beast of death has been tamed as people can now plan for it without having to folk out huge amounts of money to fund the funeral of a loved one. Not only do we now accept death as part of life, we have moved further, through taking out funeral policies, we now plan for it. Although we cannot stop it, we have tamed it by making it manageable.

We called ourselves by the name Nyaradzo at inception, in no time our customers responded and called us 'Sahwira Mukuru' and we embraced it because we realised the many options it gave us. Now we will try to live the true meaning of Sahwira Mukuru by utilising the capacity we have created  to serve our customers better through managing all their life events.

We are glad to have created adequate capacity in time to match the changing tastes and expectations of our customers which will now be met by the many pieces of equipment we have as well as the flexibility of our staff.

Equipment such as tents and chairs, ablution facilities, generators, water browsers, we even provide catering, all in an effort to to tame the beast of death, surround it with beauty and splendour. This we did in preparation for the mode our customers were moving towards, that of celebrating life in its many forms. In this mode, there is not much difference between celebrating a life well lived and celebrating the joining in holy matrimony of man and wife or celebrating other life achievements.

Nyaradzo has been and will continue to be flexible in our understanding of the emotion underpinning the event customers contract us to manage.

Through the capacity we have created over years, we will ensure the organisation and logistics around the event are as our customers wish them to be.

Today it's not uncommon to hear people describe a funeral presided over by Nyaradzo as, outstanding, amazing, awesome, out of this world, splendid, phenomenal and other superlatives. Only weddings and other celebratory events were described as such. Our view is that more and more events, least of all funerals will be described thus and we are ready to help our customers cross that bridge. After all we have been with them all the way from death denying, to acceptance, planning and now celebrating the life worth lived.

Funerals, weddings, graduation parties, and other celebratory events can be managed under one roof and that roof is Sahwira events and leisure.